"Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed."

Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier (1743 - 1794), French chemist

All rings are available in different strength and diamond trimming. From 4 mm to 8 mm of material strength, a wide spectrum is available to you.

They are equipped quite simply with either only one single diamond (classic) or from three to five diamonds in a subrange or scattered all around. Even for the small finger we have 3 models which are provided with a recess for the ring finger and are thereby well wearable. All rings are to be carried comfortably because they do not press do between the fingers like precious metal rings does it. We have taken up new elegant rings, in the meantime in the collection which can be carried individually or combined. All diamonds are set in white gold 18Kt and the rings are available in all current ring sizes.

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