"Quality has not with chance to do; it is the result of hard thinking."

John Ruskin (1819-1900), English critic, essayist and reformer

Our necklaces are available in different strengths and diamond trimming. From 4 mm to 8 mm of material strength a wide spectrum is also available to you here. All necklaces are provided with bayonet clasp made of high-grade steel which are simply in her service.

You have the choice between simple, only with a diamond or with several diamonds designed models which are scattered in the front area. The necklaces are complemented with pendants who are equipped with different form parts as for example ring, square or balls, of course with diamond trimming. Time individually as a solitaire, with diamonds up to half a carat, or as a small group equips, like on the ball pendants. You have the choice. The line is also complemented with long necklaces / pendants which allow a careless, sporty wear and need no clasp. All diamonds are enclosed in white gold 18Kt and the necklaces / pendants are available in every desired length.

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